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Goodpick Software are dedicated to 48+ Million Small & Medium enterprises in India to automate them with their efficiency and effectiveness . Every feature is developed to address the pain point of the SMEs.

We help Business Owners in transformation of their traditional, Offline & complex system in to smart business with global accessibility. So that they can spend their time in revenue generation activities to maximize their revenue.

Our Promise to put their business on auto pilot mode rather getting stuck in Daily Operations.

Auto communication is a one of the key integral part of our all software Suite. Our cost effective software solutions focus to enhance SMEs revenue potential & remain connected with valuable customers.

Goodpick is led by Mr KP Singh who is Entrepreneur & Consultant- Business Automation having experience of 15+ Years since 2010 to rock in Business Technology domain with a Vision of easing business process & communication for SMEs. He is great speaker & practicener of easing business tools & techniques to automation business processes. www.coachkpsingh.com

Since our inception SMS communication services are being provided to SMEs, Corporate & Govt enterprises & grown up to 2000+ Users & 70+ Service Re-sellers with Cloud hosted SMS Platform owned by Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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BORG simplifies & automates Business Process & brings entire business system on cloud. Helps CEO to scale business operation & build strong decision support system since 2016. www.borgerp.com

Leadofy SMS, Email & Websites

Leadofy is a cloud communication & Online Presence system that empowers SMS & Email communication for Small & Medium organizations (SMEs) in India since 2010. www.leadofy.com

Custom Software Development

We develop customized Process Management & Automation Software CRM & ERP for Enterprises & also design online business presentation & Lead generation funnel for Small & Medium Organization. www.borgerp.com

Business Automation Services

Helping CXOs of MSMEs to automate their Process & build system for their business by using suitable technology tools & techniques. Business must run by system but not by a person. www.coachkpsingh.com

BORG with 50+ Business & 2000+ Users in short span of time !!

Hey !! Reach out to us for any query, We love to connect you !

Goodpick Core Values-

Building Relationship
Goodpick believes in building relationship with its customers & prospects. We have 90% + customer retention & every customer works as our referral partner to refer more & more business.

True Commitment
We deliver what we commit. We never quote or promise with out deep research & understanding of customer requirement. We always stay what we promise.

Transparent Communication
fair & transparent communication is the base of every relationship. It strengthens customer relation & becomes the pillar of long term business relation.

Positive Attitude
Engagement becomes strong if attitude is positive.

Principle of Reciprocity
Strongly believe that We get back what we do for others.

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