About Goodpick

Goodpick Software are dedicated to 48+ Million Small & Medium enterprises in India to automate them with their efficiency and effectiveness . Every feature is developed to address the pain point of the SMEs.

Auto communication is a one of the key integral part of our all software Suite. Our cost effective software solutions focus to enhance SMEs revenue potential & remain connected with valuable customers.

Business Cloud Communication | 300+ Customers

www.leadofy.com | Bulk SMS Solutions | Bulk Email Solution

Bulk SMS Services Started in 2010

Goodpick was started by Mr KP Singh in 2010 with Cloud Communication & Website development Services with small seed capital. Over a period of time, Goodpick developed its own SMS Gateway with SMPP Connectivity to serve its customer with great value.Goodpick created its own SMS in the field of Cloud Communication in India with SMS Services to Enterprises since its Beginning with 1700+ Users & 300+ Businesses.

Bulk Mail Services Started in 2020

In 2020, Goodpick has developed its own Bulk Email System for enterprises with latest features & API Option.

Cloud ERP & CRM Software since 2015 | 50+ Customers

www.borgerp.com | 6 Integrated Modules for SMEs

BORG Started in 2015

Goodpick started developing SaaS based ERP system that is dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises. ERP has been branded as BORG ERP SUITE. Borg comes from its own nature of work & deliverable " Business Optimization & Report Generation" . This is an Integrated ERP having Modules Sales & Marketing, Accounts Book, Service Desk, Inventory & Distributor Management, Human Resource & Payroll and Task Management etc..


Other Borg Products are-
BORG ERP - http://borgerp.com
ORG CRM- http://borgerp.com/sales-crm.html
BORG DESK- http://borgerp.com/service-des k.html
BORG INVENTORY- http://borgerp.com/inventory.html
HRMS- http://borgerp.com/human-resource.html
TASK FORCE- https://borgerp.com/task-force.html
COACHING INSTITUTE ERP - http://edu.borgerp.com/

Custom Software & Website Development

Expert development & designing team for Website & Software development of your specific needs as on your business requirement. Tailor made solution for your organization for your software needs-


Goodpick Core Values-

Building Relationship
Goodpick believes in building relationship with its customers & prospects. We have 90% + customer retention & every customer works as our referral partner to refer more & more business.

True Commitment
We deliver what we commit. We never quote or promise with out deep research & understanding of customer requirement. We always stay what we promise.

Transparent Communication
fair & transparent communication is the base of every relationship. It strengthens customer relation & becomes the pillar of long term business relation.

Positive Attitude
Engagement becomes strong if attitude is positive.

Principle of Reciprocity
Strongly believe that We get back what we do for others.

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